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Some color plates by Augustus Knapp from “The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall (1928). Images in order are:

  1. Mithra in the form of the Leontocephalic Kronos (eternal time). See also: Aion (Uranus), Phanes and the Orphic Egg.
  2. Abraxas (“The embodied form of God”).
  3. Cherubium of Ezekiel (c.f. “Living Creatures" and Tetramorph).
  4. Celestial Virgin with Sun God in her arms. See also: Isis & Horus, Mary & Jesus. Note Orphic Egg c.f. Kundalini wrapped around a Lingam in Muladhara chakra.
  5. The Jewel of the Rose Croix (where “Rose” is an anagram for “Eros" or Love).
  6. Magician invoking Elementals (GnomesUndinesSalamandersSlyphs) from within a Magic Circle.
  7. Paracelsus performing the experiment of palingenesis (creation of a new universe). See also: “The Rose of Paracelsus" by Jorge Luis Borges (1983).
  8. The Consummation of the Magnum Opus (“Great Work”). See also: creation of Homunculi, Golems, Tulpas, Egregores and “Assumption of God Forms" (a form of Theurgy).
  9. The Philosopher’s Stone (note double-headed eagle in centre of diamond). See also Vajra (diamond, thunderbolt). 
  10. Double-Headed Eagle (The end product of the Magnum Opus). See also: Rebis in Alchemy, the divine Hermaphroditus (child of Hermes (Intellect) and Aphrodite (Feeling)), Ardanarishvara (androgynous form of Shiva merged with Parvati).

Will always have a place on my blog (but seriously some of those Gnostic Archons I’m sure weren’t that pale.)